"Where bodies are engaged, minds are enriched, hearts soar with joy and art is born".

-S. Noel Ware-

Centre Ballet is the classical ballet training studio in Statesville that offers an internationally recognized  curriculum (Cecchetti) based ballet training and education in the performing arts. We aim to honor and preserve the art of classical ballet and it's deep rooted traditions, while instilling  the love and joy of dance and the arts in each unique individual.  We do not offer combination classes, rather we focus on age and developmentally appropriate movement/skills and creative and imaginative activities in our youngest students to prepare them for all of the necessary skills for our ballet curriculum (which is one of the top recognized and utilized),  followed by progression of ages and level appropriate ballet training for age 6+.

​It is not until the student has a ballet foundation that they are then encouraged to  try out other genres such as classical jazz or modern/contemporary, or tap to enhance their ballet training.

​A classically trained dancer can easily transfer their foundation and skills to other genres beautifully.


Ballet And Performing Arts in Statesville

Centre Ballet

​​​Centre Ballet

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