About Us and Our Philosophy

Centre Ballet is a classical ballet training and educational studio in Statesville, NC, first and foremost, as our philosophy is that ballet is the foundation of all other forms of dance.  By teaching the traditional discipline of the art of dance, and instilling in our students the love and joy of classical ballet and performing arts, we are preparing them to not only work towards success in the art of classical ballet, but to also explore additional opportunities in other genres of dance and the performing arts. In doing so,  we provide them the necessary tools to prepare them for success in all walks of life through our training approach.

We also focus on quality of training and individualized instruction in dance, which is why our classes have limited enrollment.

All students begin with classical ballet instruction, and as they build a strong base of technique crucial to success in other dance genres such as jazz, contemporary, etc., they may enroll in other dance genres such as Intro to jazz (age 9), Intro to contemporary, modern (age 10/11)  and tap (age 4).  Students must learn body awareness and proper alignment and control in classical ballet training in order to advance into other dance genres that require all of these necessary key elements for understanding safety and success in all dance genres.

Students in the Discover Dance 2 through Primary 3 classes  will perform 1-2 performances per year, and students in levels 1+ will perform 1-3 performances per year.  As the students progress in their training, they will have more and more performance opportunities. We prefer to focus our class time on teaching and training, in  the lower level classes in particular, opposed to just teaching dances (which takes a lot of class time).

Centre Ballet takes great pride in our carefully laid out training program for the enjoyment, safety and success of every and every student, regardless of their goal.

Studio Offerings:

Classical Ballet Technique Training, based primarily on the Cecchetti method, with discussion and references to the other widely used methods, beginning at age 6 through adult.

Discover Dance Preschool classes (creative, imaginative developmental skills) for walkers-5

Classical Ballet Training Technique Classes (age 6+)

Cecchetti Syllabus Ballet classes

Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Modern

Adult Ballet

Special dance workshop classes with guest teachers in ballet, jazz, contemporary and modern (TBA)

Summer dance classes in the performing/visual arts and summer intensive dance workshops

Performance opportunities, both in studio and community based

Private lessons                                                                                    (Our philosophy on Private lessons is that, generally, they are not necessary.  If your student attends classes as scheduled, and applies her/himself and works hard in class, then she/he should progress with the training Curriculum. Private lessons are best used for special circumstances such as preparing for an outside performance, commissioned choreography,  targeted issues/home program guidance......things of this nature. 

Music lessons

Centre Ballet

of Statesville, NC

Centre Ballet