Centre Ballet

  Centre Ballet Policies



Upon registration, the 1st month’s tuition is due, as well as any pro rated fees, and the registration fee.  Once a student is registered, tuition will be charged to accounts monthly until we receive a formal withdrawal notice prior to withdrawal from classes (30 day withdrawal notice required).

Class Attire

There is a set uniform in all classes.  Students are required follow attire policy for all dance classes.  If a student comes to class without proper class attire, they may be asked to sit out of class and observe/take notes.   
Part of the study of classical ballet/dance is teaching responsibility and accountability.  Following policies is large part of this.

Discover Dance Curriculum Classes (ages 4-5):  Class leotards, pink footless tights, pink stringless ballet shoes (to be purchased @ Centre Ballet for levels up to Primary 3).

Discover Dance Curriculum Classes (walkers -3 )  Comfortable clothing and bare feet.

Boys:   Dark colored athletic shorts, white t-shirt and socks and black ballet shoes

Shoes, leotards (class specific) and tights will be available for purchase at Centre Ballet.  

Centre Ballet uses specific leotards and shoes for classes.

**Hair is to be in a classical ballet bun for all ballet classes. (No "messy" buns held up with just a rubber band please!!)

Ballet buns require hair elastics, hair/bobby pins and hair nets for securing..... if necessary.  I'm happy to assist with a tutorial.

Primary 1 (6-7) :                               *  Black  leotard, pink transitional tights, pink leather ballet shoes.          

Primary  2 (7-8):                                * Black  leotard, pink transitional tights, pink leather ballet shoes.            

Primary 3 (8-9)                                  * Rasberry/Black    leotard, pink transitional tights, pink leather ballet shoes.

Level 1 (9-11):                                    * Black/Pink  leotard, pink transitional tights, pink leather ballet shoes.

(Pre pointe)

Level 2 (12-13):                                   * Black/Royal  leotard, pink transitional tights, pink leather ballet shoes.


Level 3 (13-14):                                    * Black/White    leotard, pink transitional tights, pink leather ballet shoes.

Level 4 (15+):                                       * Black/________leotard, pink transitional tights, pink leather ballet shoes.

Pointe class                                        * _Student Choice    leotard, pink transitional tights, pointe shoes, skirt optional      

*Class leotards will be ordered and can be purchased at Centre Ballet, as well as stringless ballet slippers and tights.


Jazz/Contemporary:                            Solid colored leotard, black jazz pants, black jazz shoes/oxford style.

Modern:                                                Solid colored leotard, black footless tights (worn on outside of leo).

Tap:                                                       Solid colored leotard, black footless or convertible tights (worn on outside of leo), black oxford style tap                                                                  shoes (Capezio or Bloch brand).

Adult Classes :                                     Comfortable, breathable attire, pink ballet shoes. (yoga/sweat pants or leggings.......no denim)

                                                               Hair pulled back or secured back out of face.

Boys:                                                     Dark colored shorts knee length or above, white t-shirts and socks, black ballet shoes.

 Please DO NOT purchase ballet shoes or tap shoes from Walmart, Target or Payless Shoes.

All students must also follow guidelines for proper hair for class.  Neat and clean ballet buns are required for all students.  Short hair styles can be secured back with a headband to keep hair out of face.  Older students are encouraged to learn how to do their own hair beginning at Level 1, and come prepared with all necessary items for securing their hair in a bun. 

Class Attendance/Class Make Ups

Class attendance is very important for consistent progression of training, and to continue to progress to the next level in the curriculum.  Students with excessive absences will have to be re-evaluated for class placement.  Absences can be made up in another class suggested by Mrs. Ware.  Please let your instructor know if and when you have to be absent so we can make note of that absence ahead of time.  Classes due to inclement weather will not be made up per class, but students are welcome to attend an extra class, suggested by Mrs. Ware, to make those up.  We ask that you make up your absences within 30 days to get class attendance credit. Make sure to let the instructor know when it is a make-up class.

Classes that are cancelled due to weather will not generally made up per class (due to space and time issues in studio schedule), but make ups for those classes are available in other classes held at the studio. Speak to Ms. Noel about alternate classes for make ups. 

We highly discourage absences 2 weeks prior to performances, anddo not permit absences the week of performance (8 days prior to performance) if you make the commitment to perform (i.e. mandatory attendance).  Students are expected to attend these rehearsals intheir entirety, as scheduled.  It makes it very difficult on your child, class students, and instructors. Students missing any part of these mandatory rehearsals will be dismissed from performance and will not receive a performance fee refund.

Performances: We normally present two studio performances per year, one being our Annual Collaborative Arts Concert, and the 2nd being our Annual End of Year Concert.  Performance fees for these events will be due 8 weeks prior to performance date.  These fees are non-refundable.  Students will not purchase a costume, but will be responsible for tights/undergarments, shoes and possibly simple accessories. With performance fees, students will recieve 3 tickets (5 tickets for multiple child families).

Students must take a minimum of 3 technique classes per week to dance en pointe.

Students are expected to be in class on time, as it is one of the many respected rules of etiquette for classical dance training.  It is strongly enforced for injury prevention, respect to the instructor and students, and it avoids interruption of classes in progress.  If your child is late, he or she may be asked to sit and observe/take notes. 

Please have your child go to the bathroom before class as it helps to cut down on class disruptions.

We ask that a parents/guardian stay on site during your child’s class for ages 6 and under, or if you have a child that needs assistance in the bathroom.

Studio Communication

Most of our communication is through:

Email, Remind App, and there are constant information updates on Facebook, Instagram and at www.centreballetnc.com, so please take a look at those regularly to stay up to date on information ! PLEASE READ YOUR EMAILS.

Please make sure we have an updated email address for you on file. 

If you would like to meet with us or if you have questions, please do call or email us, as we are always happy to speak with you!  Instructors have very limited time between classes, so we will not be able to take time away from important class instruction to discuss lengthy issues.


We kindly ask that you help us to keep our studio looking presentable.  We have lots of trash cans around the studio if you would help us to keep trash, etc. picked up.  We do not allow food or drinks inside the actual dance studio.  Older students with longer classes and rehearsals may bring a water bottle into the studio area with them.  Please keep food and drinks in the waiting area only. 

Please do not allow children to run or horse play in the studio.  We have businesses on both sides of us that we need to respect.  


Also, please NO STREET SHOES inside the dance studio area.

There will be a lost and found for items left at the studio.

Thank you so much for supporting and respecting all of our students and our studio while we love, work on and carry on this beautiful art form of classical dance and other beautiful performing arts.